2021: A year of recovering, rebuilding, and renewing.

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our commitment to community giving. In a follow-up to information we shared at the close of last year, the community of GSB is aware that many of our longstanding non-profit partners will be seeking our online giving form and grant application.


In the final months of the pandemic and the rebuilding months that will follow, how GSB and other local organizations share resources to support the community is shifting practices that include collaboration and prioritization.


In addition to the $100,000 GSB distributed upon the onset of the pandemic through community foundations in this region, throughout the year ahead, we will continue to collaborate with these distribution partners to address the safety net priorities of food, shelter, utilities, and other basic needs.


As of this post, vaccine distribution and a sense of hope are underway, but health and human resources are significantly stressed due to extended unemployment, increased patient counts, and remote education/work conditions. GSB has joined with the community foundations and safety-net providers channeling a significant portion of our community giving through these distribution partners to ensure that no one goes without the security of the next meal, a stable roof, heat/electricity, and other vital support.


On a regular basis, we will be evaluating our donation status. By the close of February, funds not encumbered by these initial priorities will be distributed to the next tier of candidates.


If you have not heard from us by March 1 and would like to discuss a grant request that aligns with our 2021 giving program, please contact communitygiving@gsbyourbank.com.

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