A line of credit can be the most convenient way to fund short-term or seasonal expenses.

Commercial revolving lines-of-credit are available to business owners to meet working capital or seasonal needs. Whether you need to make a purchase for your business or anticipate a period of short-term borrowing, we're here to help. Typically, monthly interest is charged only on the amount outstanding.

Give us a call today or send us a message to discuss your project with an expert.

  • Lyle Fulton - EVP, Chief Lending Officer - (203) 535-7869
  • Mike Paz - VP, Commercial Loan Officer - (203) 804-6956
  • Mark Jenusaitis - VP, Commercial Loan Officer - (203) 458-5444
  • Suzanne Walsh Erno - VP, Senior Commercial Lender - (860) 661-2723

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